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James Avery, actor, narrator

James Avery, Narrator

Capt. William Bill Pinkney Mariner, Former Master Amistad freedom replica schooner, sailor, explorer

Capt. William “Bill” Pinkney Mariner, Former Master Freedom Schooner Amistad

National Association of

Black SCUBA Divers

Dinizulu Gene Tinnie, artist, community leader, dos amigos fair rosemond slave ship replica project
Jerry Wilkensen, Florida Keys Historian, President Florida keys historical society

Dinizulu Gene Tinnie

Artist, Community Leader

Jerry Wilkensen

Florida Keys Historical Society

Kenneth Stewart, Diving with a Purpose, community leader, Tennessee Aquatic Project, TAP, NABS Scuba, DWP
Gail Swanson, Guerrero and Florida Historian

Kenneth Stewart

Diving with a Purpose

Gail Swanson

Guerrero and Florida Historian

Brenda Lazendorf, Marine Archaeologist, Biscayne National Park
Carl Fizz Fismer, Treasure Diver, explorer, marine treasure hunter, shipwrecks, 1733, 1715, Florida Keys, Tavernier

Many thanks to everyone who worked so diligently and put forth such incredible wisdom, emotion and personal resolution to help this story be told.


Special thanks also to the many members of the Tennessee Aquatic Project and National Association of Black Scuba Divers who made this project possible.

Brenda Lazendorf

 Archaeologist, Biscayne NP

Treasure Diver, explorer, marine treasure hunter, shipwrecks, Jack Haskins, maritime historian, spanish archives seville, Islamorada, 1733

Capt. Carl “Fizz” Fismer

Treasure Diver

R. Duncan Mathewson Marine Archaeologist, National Center for Shipwreck Research, Mel Fisher, Atocha, Key West, Florida

Jack Haskins

Maritime Historian

Dr. R. Duncan Mathewson III


Denis Trelewicz marine explorer NOAA volunteer Guerrero HMS Nimble, scuba historian
Capt. Chuck Mitchell treasure hunter, marine explorer Florida Keys Key West Mel Fisher

Denis Trelewicz

Marine Explorer

Capt. Chuck Mitchell

Treasure Hunter

Special thanks to Oceanside Canvas.

Documentary film crew The Guerrero Project, Kurt Wester, Tarina Reed, Karuna Eberl, Dwayne Buckle, Bodie Orman, Bob Aubrey, Tad Agnew Florida

Kurt, Tarina, Karuna, Dwayne, Bodie, Bob, Tad... Most of the Guerrero Project Crew

David Score

Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary


Gene Lyon

Maritime Historian


Corey Malcom

Marine Archaeologist

Mel Fisher Maritime Museum