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The Guerrero Project DVD cover documentary, middle passage, slavery, africa, cuba, history, educational, scuba diving, archaeology, debate
The Guerrero Project documentary Awards

In 1827 the pirate Spanish slave ship Guerrero sank off the Florida coast while being pursued by a British warship. Through rough weather, cannon fire and deception began a three-year saga involving 561 captive Africans and five nations. Now as expeditions search for the ship’s remains, The Guerrero Project dives headfirst into this lost piece of history and explores why anyone wants to find this ship and what implications it has on us today.


For two centuries the engaging stories of those aboard the Guerrero were lost in a few obscure historical pages — until now. This feature-length documentary fuses history with high-seas adventure, modern-day expeditions, heated archaeological debate, intense emotions concerning today's race relations, and ultimate hope.


On The Guerrero Project DVD


Buy the Guerrero DVD, with many extras including a director's cut and educational discussion outtakes.


• 57-minute documentary

• 80-minute director's cut version

• 56 minutes of additional footage on nine related topics, great for further educational discussions


Director Karuna Eberl would love to hear from you with any questions, comments, screening queries, sales, thoughts or general ponderances. karunae@mac.com


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For more information on director Karuna Eberl and her projects, please see her writing and photography site Wandering Dog Creations, her travel and kindness Quixotic Travelers blog, and her award-winning Key West Travel Guide.

Featured in National Parks Magazine, December 2017 (link to come).

Featured in Keys Style Magazine, September 2017 (see page 16).